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Big problem! The holidays are almost here but people keep trying to steal your presents. It's up to you to see how long you can defend your precious gift.

This game was made in 3 days with Python and Pygame.

How to play

  • Use the arrow keys your maneuver your hand out of the way.

If you want to see more, you can check out the video I made about it. Or you can play around with the source code here.

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Tags2D, Arcade, Christmas, High Score, pygame, Relaxing, Royalty Free, Short, Singleplayer, Vector


Don'tTouchMyPresents.zip 13 MB
Source Code (Github)


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I actually enjoyed the game, it only needed a better hands spawner :)
since point 10 is unplayable


I dont like it for it generates impossible obstacles litterally one stacked atop of another, one comming slow another coming fast, it needs to be fine tuned so these parts dont come like this. and no in this case, practice will do nothing.

Got error:

Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "main.py", line 50, in <module>

pygame.error: mixer not initialized

you have to install the mixer module

ah, thanks!



good game for no experinc

pie thon

high score is 12 this game infuriated me so much it fuelled me with so much rage and anger


practice makes perfect

good game but i have a question about the case when the game gets more and more fast that tricky hand hich came faster then the others is in the same lvl with the hand befor it so basiccly you find yourself in a condition when 2 arms blocking you from bouth sides how can you fix that if you wanted to do it

very cool game. High score: 25

amazing man, well done

how do u like cheating hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :D
my best wishes to you and your beautiful family ♥♥

Deleted 301 days ago

Maybe you should sign up for some English classes along those coding ones. . .

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Nice Game! I love how the hand's speed is constantly changed. While I found it annoying when you were trapped by two hands and you had no way to make it through It did add a level of randomness which was welcomed, great! High Score: 16


this game could work well on phones, maybe you could release a phone version on itch, i'd definately like to challenge my friends while we are out so a phone version could be cool


Windows Mobile exists, it's just that the Python code has to detect if it's Desktop or Mobile so it can switch modes, for desktop, it's the default game but if it's Mobile it would need control sticks.

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if theres an ending, id like it to be the hand handing the present to another hand but a bit girly---maybe at the 999 score mark idk

*DTMP releases on windows.


The game is decent but HOLY CRAP THE HANDS ARE THE SPEED OF LIGHT and also it is very easy for you to get stuck when to hands come in at almost the same speed. 2/10 :(

Hi, I want to say that vaz has a good game, but it will not work out far, because even sometimes two hands close the passage and yes, please make the speed of falling hands less, as some fall too fast Good luck with the game ^^


Can you provide the source code? That would help me a lot :3

I wonder if you could be able to move with your mouse instead...

My highscore is 13.

I know it's not a lot but there were many unavoidable situations

I really liked how polished this game is inspite of being made in 3 days

Good job


Really cool. And while I know that you are not going to add a update to one of your small games made for a video but if you are then can we have W, A, S, D movement it would help a ton


Such a fun small game!
but unfortunately sometimes it's impossible to pass through the hands

Feeling proud of my highscore of 28 :')

Seriously a fun little game though <3 The music and the little sound effects just add some much charm to it all. Game feels super polished too! There are some hand combinations that make it impossible to pass through unfortunately, but aside from that I think it's a ton of fun!

Poor Santa, how dare those hand steal his pet?!

Amazing game, great job with it!

Great little demo. It ran fine through wine on my Manjaro Linux box. My only complaints are the unavoidable death situations. Let me know if you would like some help building a Linux binary.



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Unfortunately I don't have a windows device So I can't play the game but just watching the gifs is really fun :D

if you have a mac or a linux device i recommend you install wine (or a virtual machine if you wanna try hard)

Or you can rather download the source code from gihub and then simply run it