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Hey Goodgis. I really wanted to play your game but it was impossible. The main menu scrolls on its own and once in game, the ship turns left on its own. I even tried unplugging every USB device I have but it didn't work. Nice job nonetheless

Can i play this with the wii wheel?

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love the overall game, just some nitpicky detail(I don't want to be rude btw) there are some bumps on the road that you bounce on a little, probably a blender thing, and you should add a pause menu or a way to go back to home or something I tried using ESC but it didn't work

Had the same issue aswell

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I really like it ! It feels really smooth and the 3d models look nice too. Also, could you check out my games sometime? I made them with godot and would appreciate some feedback.I reccomend playing ‘Bots n’ Bugs’


This blowed my mind

goodgis more like, goodateverything...gis



ngl this game is the best looking game you made so far goodgis, keep up the good work (:

Thanks so much! :D

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game looks legit but you didn't set the UI canvas settings right in unity goodgis, in different device the screen size is different. so bellow the rect transform you need to set the position, for an example for the ui that shows the current speed,  you press the box bellow  rect transform press alt and then chose the , left bottom from the 9 square's to make it on bottom left at the screen and then put it where you want


Tbh UI is the worst part of unity development

Thanks for letting me know! I was following a Brackey's tutorial and thought I didn't but it looks like I didn't. :D

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A few things, my best time is 3.3s because if you beat the game then play again and die it counts that as a full race. Also, more jumps would be cool, and there's one really hard long stretch without a check point. Also, sometimes the camera makes it hard to see the path ahead. Other than that, super cool!

Thanks for the tips! :D Also nice speed run strats haha

Great game Goodgis!

Thanks! :D

Came from the Premiere! Game looks epic!


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Here from the video premiere, can't wait to play the game! Looks super fun!