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cqn you make this a web game

i want to play it but the file doesnt open

Can you please make a port for mobile


There's a memory leak.


It's very funny!  I had glitches after playing it, please make sure the memory is cleared when closing the game. As you have pointed out there is a memory leak


why isnt also for mac :(

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spent WAY too long on this game, probably could do better, but theres a lot of rng involved

Wow wr very noice

for me isnt work, win 10 says that this app cant run on my pc :(

here what i got it think i did a pretty good job

heres what I got.

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Is there a page for this game?


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litterly today google decided to auto delete a file i just instaled witout asking ,thanks google

now add me to r/assholedesing


How is this related?



i just decided to show this crap i got

Bro your browser is managed by a organization and they can delete the files.

wr i think :3




I did not know this was missing from my life. My wrist hurts now lol

Was stuck around the 10-11 mark for a while but found a new strat after a while that worked and a bit of RNG of the arrow not changing too much!


My best was 9.02, pencil goes brrrrrrr


There is a memory leak in the game.



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im gonna get carpal tunnel

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9.44 was the best i could muster 


This is TAS (30 presses per sec only though).


12.32 Best time so fa


my best was 10.11


11.32 was my best time with a few retries ^^


Man is obsessed with cute and charming DS minigames, you should make some sort of collection for these!


Definitely will be breaking my arrow keys playing this one! Sick challenge, good work!